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Step One: Discovery Call - Interview Akari

Hello and welcome!

Finding “the right fit" is one of the most impactful factors when exploring any health care provider.

Let's connect with a free Discovery Call first.


This is to make sure I have solutions for you and you feel 100% comfortable to invest your effort, time, emotions, and finances with me.

This is also the time for you to ask questions about my approach and to learn how your treatment will be navigated, so that we don’t have to spend your paid treatment session for Q&As.

This discovery call is also to assess risk vs. benefit for in-office sessions for those who request this option.

Once both you and I feel it is a good idea to proceed, you will be invited to book an initial session at a later date and we will start restoring your health together.

I am looking forward to connecting with you soon!



While you wait for your Discovery call or initial session, please watch this video.

This video content sums up how I approach to your health in the Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Sessions.

Youtube External Link: "When The Body Says No - Dr. Gabor Mate"

Step Two: Initial Session - The Beginning of The Treatment

Have we connected via a free Discovery Call yet?

The Initial session is where we go over your detailed health history and your symptoms to evaluate you overall health status and discuss treatment strategies that work for you.

This can be virtual (video call) or in-person.

It is also the beginning of the treatment.

You will receive a written treatment plan as well as exercise and self-care instructions (and a herbal prescription if we decided that it might be helpful for you), so that you can start your treatment right away.

Important Note: 

Chinese Medicine (and Acupuncture) and Massage Therapy are separate entities and each of them requires a separate intake and assessment, and are billed as such. Thus they cannot be offered in the same appointment.

Not sure which treatment to book?  Reach out via Discovery Call.

Step 3: Follow-up Sessions (Virtual & In-person)

Welcome back!

Please book your follow-up session online.

Returning after 6 months or more? 
Please book an initial virtual session so that we can do a thorough evaluation of your current health status and restructure your treatment plan.

I am looking forward to catching up with you and continuing to support your health transformation!

Step 4: Closure/Graduation

Once your symptoms are cleared and/or you’re back on track, we will move on to exiting/closing your treatment plan (graduation).


This means to reduce the frequency of visits and you will take off on your own.

If you developed new symptoms or need occasional maintenance visits for a health check-in (ie. seasonal balancing), you are always welcome to book in!

Step 5: Returning After 4 Months (and "Fell Off The Wagon)

You have developed a new symptoms?

Ready to resume your health journey after 4 months of absence?

Please book in with a Re-assessment so that your health during the absence will be updated and you can start your journey again.

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