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Tincture Information

If you are here, it is because you are prescribed and provided with a herbal tincture that are made by Akari.

Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine is known for its complex and harmonious way to combine multiple herbs to treat the person and their condition(s). It is very rare to use a single herb.

When several herbs are put together, it is called "formula", and it brings more than simple addition of each herb's functions. This means, looking up functions of each herb might not help one understand what and how "formula" treats the conditions. This might be confusing to some, but they work so well and have been helping unwell for thousands of years.

Some formulas are prepared in a tincture form which has great advantage for patients who need to take it for a long term as it is generally cheaper than raw herbs, preserves well, no binding agents or fillers, and it is easy to take.

Your tincture bottle might have more than one formulas mixed in one bottle when you have wider range of symptoms, which is very common for Akari's patients.

Occasionally, additional ingredients might be added to your tincture to make it more customized for your condition(s). In this case, additional label is placed on the tincture bottle to indicate what's been added to your tincture.

These are added in either tincture form (T) or granules (G).

Your tincture information is also shared via your booking portal (Janeapp).

To view your prescription, follow the steps below:

1. Sign-in to your Janeapp portal

 - Danforth location;

 - APPC at University/Dundas:

2. Click "documents" tab

3. Scroll down and find the shared file that contains your prescription.

Now, below is the ingredient list and product information of Akari's tincture.

For all formula tincture, herbs are soaked in corn based distilled alcohol.

The final alcohol concentration of the tincture is roughly 45% (95˚ proof), slightly stronger than vodka or brandy.

High proof alcohol tincture can be harsh on your mucus membrane in your mouth.

All patients are instructed to add it to the glass of water and drink.

If you are concerned about alcohol, you may mix the tincture in a hot water which allows the alcohol to evaporate a little. If you are NOT allowed to have any alcohol at all for any physical reasons and Akari was informed about that during the intake, you must have been prescribed with decoction, granules (soluble powders), or pre-made pills instead. This should have discussed at your intake, but if you forgot to inform Akari or a new concern has arisen, stop taking the tincture and notify Akari as soon as possible so that you can continue your herbal treatment with an alcohol free option.

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