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Inner Cultivation; Mentorship for TCM Professionals and Students

Akar offering health solutions

Everyone deserves to be pain free and live a fulfilling life, and you can achieve that.

Here are the tools for solutions that facilitate the process to restore your health.

Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture are used to address the ROOT cause(s) of WHY you are experiencing the symptoms, so that we can work together to achieve your health goal(s), restore health, and stay well.

Massage Therapy is used to ease your physical symptoms 

(Currently NOT AVAILABLE until further notice)

Please note:

Chinese Medicine (and Acupuncture) and Massage Therapy are separate entities and each discipline requires a separate intake and assessment, and are billed as such. Thus they cannot be offered in the same appointment. 

  • My condition is quite simple. Can you treat me right away?
    Regardless of the severity, I will care for your health. Let's not skip steps. It is important to do an evaluation and set a treatment strategy so that our treatment brings long lasting favourable results.
  • I can tell you how my previous practitioner treated me. Can we skip intake and assessment?
    I do trust and respect other practitioners' diagnosis and treatment approach; however, none of the treatment is identical and your conditions might have changed since your last treatment with your previous practitioner. Furthermore, I might have different suggestions to your care. It is good to have your condition re-evaluated thoroughly to start fresh!
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