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COVID-19 Safety Precautions

This is for your information on how to book appointments or how things are operated especially for in-office sessions while we are under the influence of COVID-19 safety measures.

Vaccination status itself does NOT determine that you'll be invited to in-office sessions.
ALL patients who come in for in-office sessions are required to complete Pre-Visit COVID-19 screening questionnaire and must be screened negative in order to receive in-office treatments.

New Patient Bookings

Initial sessions are booked after a Free Discovery Call to determine the exact needs for your care and to see if Akari is a right fit for you, as well as to do a risk/benefit assessment for in-office treatments.

For Subsequent Follow-ups

**Virtual Care is always the first option!!**

This options for everyone and all care needs

Feel free to book from the site.

For IN-OFFICE sessions

Please note, IN-OFFICE treatments are for essential cases only.

If I find that doing in-office treatment is not safe or risk overweights the benefit, I might suggest continuing with virtual visits, and in-office might be cancelled.

Please also note that, you cannot be seen in the office if Pre-visit COVID Screening survey is not answered or if you are screened positive.

On The Day Of Your In-Office Session

1. COVID-19 Pre Screening Survey

For each in-office visit, You will receive an email with a link to the COVID-screening questionnaire will be emailed to you 3hr prior to your scheduled appointment time.

Two step screening is required, so please make sure to answer them, or I cannot see you!

2. No Early Arrival

This is to keep the space human traffic free and to have enough cleaning time between patients.

Please arrive within 5min of your scheduled appointment time.

3. Wearing a Mask

You are required to wear a mask (disposable or reusable) to enter my office.

If you do not have one, you may purchase a disposable one from me at $2/mask (tax included).

4. Final Prescreening Upon Arrival

You will be asked about your final health status upon arrival, and your temperature will be measured with a contactless thermometer.

A pulse oximeter (to check your oxygen levels in your blood) might be used when it is needed.

5. Hand-Washing/Hand Sanitization Upon Arrival And Before Entering The Office

You will be guided to a sink or asked to use the washroom for hand washing, or provided with hand sanitizer.

6. About Accompanying Persons

Unless needed for medical reasons, it is not recommended that an accompanying person stays in the office while you are receiving your care.

7. Water

Water will not be served.

Please bring water with you!


8. Personal Belongings

Place your personal belongings in the container provided

The container will be cleaned before and after each patient.

9. Avoid Touching Walls And Other Items/Objects Whenever Possible.

10. Air Ventilation In The Room

If you are comfortable, we will keep the small windows open for better air ventilation.

There is an air purifier with HEPA filter and UV light in the treatment room.


11. Disrobing & Beginning of The Treatment

We have done all intake virtually, so we will proceed to treatment right away!

  For Acupuncture Patients

  • Have something in your stomach before your session. Acupuncture with empty stomach can cause dizziness and fainting.

  • Keep your hair tied if it is long.

  • We only place needles where they are already or easily exposed.

  • Please come with clothes that give me access to lower limbs and upper limbs, and possibly - ears and head.

  • If you can quickly expose your abdomen or lower back, I may place needles there.

  • If you are cold, you will be provided with a folded clean sheet

  • A table warmer under the vinyl table cover can be turned on and a heating lamp can be placed over you if you are cold.

  • Keep your mask on if possible.

  • I will leave the room as soon as needles are placed.


  For Herbal Patients (Virtual session is always the first option!)

  • We do not remove masks and do the intake in the room.

  For Massage Therapy Patients

  • Only undress where will be treated (this will be discussed during virtual pre screening session)

  • Place your clothes in the designated container provided

  • Keep your mask if possible.

  • A folded sheet and/or bath towel will be used instead of a blanket

  • If you are cold, a table warmer placed under a vinyl cover will be turned on

  • Tie your hair to minimize us touching it

  • Headrest covers; either fabric or disposable. Fabric one will be cleaned after each use.

12. After Your Visit

Unless necessary, all patients are asked to leave the office as soon as they are ready

13. Payment

E-transfer to be made within 24hr from your visit

Receipts with be issued upon payment


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation so that everyone can stay safe and healthy!

Please note:

Chinese Medicine (and Acupuncture) and Massage Therapy are separate entities and each discipline requires a separate intake and and assessment and are billed as such. Thus they cannot be offered in the same appointment. 

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