As a human and a practitioner of the medicine, I respect everyone whom I meet and connect with regardless of their race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and/or cultural background.


As a human and a practitioner of the medicine, I treat everyone equally whom I meet and connect with.


As a human I allow no gender or racial discrimination under any circumstances.



As a human and a practitioner of the medicine, I listen to people's stories.

Listen to the inaudible voices


As a human and a practitioner of the medicine, I care people with compassion




Cultural appreciation (NOT appropriation) and respect

Trauma Informed


  • As a resident of this planet and a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, I take the environmental impacts of my practice seriously, and chose sustainable options whenever possible.


There are few examples:

  • Acupuncture Needles

  • Smaller packages for efficient transportation. The box are made of recycled cane pulps

  • Multipack (multiple needles are enveloped in a smaller package for less waste) allows less sealed package waste

  • Those sealing packages are made with recycled materials and can be recycled further

  • Herbal Medicine

  • Whenever possible, I dispense whole herbs or tincture rather than patented refined pills and processed powders. More processing and extraction mean more waste. 

  • Office and Equipment Cleaning

  • I use plant based and biodegradable cleaning products

  • For office; 

  • For Treatment tools such as silicone cups; 6.5% Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Disposable gloves

  • I use biodegradable procedure gloves

  • Massage oil

  • I will purchase massage oil at a place for refill  in order to reduce waste

  • Electric Charting and billing

  • This allows my practice to be paperless

Cultrual Appropriation

  • As a non-Chinese Chinese Medicine practitioner, I commit my life to understanding the history and culture of China and how this medicine was developed

  • I use non Chinese Medicine terminologies while I communicate with public for them to grasp the principles of Chinese Medicine easier, however, I acknowledge and make it clear that I practice Chinese Medicine.

  • I hereby request non Chinese Medicine practitioners practicing modalities based on Chinese Medicine to have it clear and appreciate the culture and history behind what they use.

  • If I am willing to be corrected if I am not expressing or understanding the medicine and the culture.

  • When I discuss things that are rooted from other culture or medicine, I am aware that what I deliver is limited due to unfamiliarity with the background, and I am willing to learn.

Life Long Learning and Mastery of The Art of Medicine

  • I dedicate my life to continue learning and work on for mastery of the art of the medicine and delivering methods.