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Fees & Services (as of January 01, 2023)

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

All Treatments are 13% HST Exempt; 

Cost of herbs and other items are not included and may subject to 13% HST

TCM treatment fees are carefully formulated to best support patients' financial burden during the frequent visits and to reflect resources required such as overall work that would involve on our part during and outside the appointment when visits are less frequent, while also considering the rate of inflation and the investment in the professional development etc..

Initial & Re-Assessment Sessions

  • Initial Session (Online and In-Office); $165/up to 60min

  • Re-Assessment After 4 Months of Absence (Online and In-Office); $165/up to 60min

Online Sessions

  • 1st Detailing Follow-up; $100/up to 45min

  • Phone Brief check-in & Herbal Refill; $40/up to 15min

  • TCM herbal and/or planning sessions; $75/up to 30min

  • Extended TCM follow-up; $100/up to 60min

In-Office Sessions

  • 2nd and 3rd Follow-ups; $150/up to 60min

  • TCM Breast Health Follow-up $150/up to 60min

  • TCM Pelvic Health Follow-up $150/up to 60min

  • WEEKLY Follow-up; $105/up to 60min

  • SEMI-FREQUENT Follow-up (every 2 - 6 weeks); $120/up to 60min

  • INFREQUENT Follow-up (every 6 - 15 weeks); $140/up to 60min

  • TCM + 45min RMT Follow-up; $ 105~ (above TCM follow-up fee) + $118.65 for RMT

Registered Massage Therapy

Subject to 13% HST 

  • Initial Session - Full Assessment and Beginning of Treatment -; $150/60min ($169.5 with Tax)

  • Lactation Massage Follow-up; $150/60min ($169.5 with Tax)

  • Short Follow-up; $105/45min ($118.65 with Tax)

  • Standard Follow-up; $125/60min ($141.25 with Tax)

  • Extended Follow-up; $175/90min ($197.25 with Tax)

Add-on for both TCM and RMT sessions

Celluma Light Therapy Add-on for In-Office Sessions

  • Free; when used for the treatment goal(s)

  • Additional $30 + HST ($33.9 with Tax); when used for the purpose outside the treatment goals 

Ancillary Goods and Services

All following Ancillary Goods and Services are offered at a rate of $75/30min, $100/45min, $125/hr, and $25 per 15min inclement for additional time.

- Assessment or Re-Assessment

- Preparing a Report (progress or medical legal reports)

- Discharge note

- Completion of Forms (Where fees are not stipulated by Government Regulation)

- Verbal Consultation

- Review of Records (copying, transfer, or for court testimony)

- Expert Testimony

Following are provided at a cost

- Photocopying of Records

- Transfer of Records (by mail or courier)

- Expenses

- Supplies

Communication letter(s) within a circle of care will be provided at a free of charge

Methods of Payment

Fees payable by E-transfer, or Credit Card (VISA or Mastercard)

We are not offering direct billing to extended benefit providers

Receipts & Insurance Coverage

Receipts will be issued once payment is received.

The insurance coverage (including the amount per visit and/or per year) depends on the policy.

Please check in with your insurance provider to see if they cover the following Services;

  • Registered Massage Therapy Services

  • Registered Acupuncture Services

  • Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Services (Chinese Herbs, TCM Herbs)

If you wish to have a better policy, please visit here to learn more.

Virtual sessions will have an extra note "Telehealth" on the receipts.

Please note: Receipts are not interchangeable between the different disciplines.

Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) and Workspace Insurance Board (WSIB) Claims

Our practice does not take Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) and Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) related cases.

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