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Fennel Congee For Premenstrual Breast Distention, Menstrual Cramps, and Bloating

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Food is Medicine.

So we take our congee (rice porridge) very seriously when it comes to healing.

Here is a recipe I found in a book “Better Breast Health Naturally With Chinese Medicine” by Horona Lee Wolfe & Bob Flaws (pg.110) for premenstrual breast distention, menstrual cramps, and abdominal bloating and lots of gas after meals.

There is a higher chance that following symptoms also exist: physical and emotional stress, sighing, irritability/anger or depression, premenstrual mood swings, abdomen that is cold to touch, loose stools or alternating constipation and diarrhea, and fatigue etc..

If it’s you, try this healing congee.



- 50g of white rice

- 5g of fennel seed; stir fry until yellow

- A bit of brown sugar

(Do not use white sugar)

- 150~200ml of water*

* I like my congee runnier and soft, I ended up using 300ml+ of water



  1. Roast/Stir Fry fennel seeds until yellow

2. Give a quick rinse to white rice with running water

3. Put all ingredients in a pot and bring to boil

4. Lower the heat and simmer for 40-60min or more (until preferred consistency)

5. Stir the pot frequently so that rice won’t stick to the bottom of the pot

6. You can use a slow cooker or make it with steamed rice. Use less water

7. Eat warm once a day in the evening before going to bed

8. I suggest you eat it for at least 1 month


My Analysis Of How This Congee Works

- Rice supports digestion and nourishes body

- Brown sugar for taste (and to bring appetite)

- Fennels warm up reproductive and digestive organs to ease pain and support menstrual symptoms

- Longer and slow cooking allows it to bring more warming nature to the congee, and makes it easier to digest



Here are my personal suggestions if you have following symptoms on top of what’s said above:

Also have low back pain, profuse urination, and swollen ankles?

—> Stir-fry fennels with salt

More digestive symptoms & abdomen is very cold to touch?

—> Add DRIED ginger or cinnamon bark

Need more soothing, breasts are extra sore?

—> add tangerine peels


Other Considerations & Life Style Modifications

Please also implement the following as you enjoy your fennel Congee:

- Enjoy cooked root vegetables (steam, boil, lightly stir-fried)

- Avoid raw foods, cold temperature foods (ice cream, smoothies, cold drinks etc.), overly sweet foods, and greasy oily foods

- Keep your ankles warm (wear socks and have foot bath)

- Put an extra layer around waist and keep entire pelvis warm with proper clothing (avoid wearing a skirt on the cold day or during menstruation)

- Wear a bra with no wire

- Slow deep breaths into abdomen and chest

- Movements; brisk walk, move your shoulders often, stretch sides of the trunk and inner legs

- Go to bed before 11pm

Heal Within. Enjoy your healing journey! Akari



Better Breast Health Naturally With Chinese Medicine” by Horona Lee Wolfe & Bob Flaws (pg.110)

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Mar 22, 2021

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