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Trying to Conceive (Fertility/Infertility)

Fertility Care with Akari

Whether trying to conceive naturally or looking for an additional support for your fertility treatment with specialists, this is not something one can do all on their own.

Fertility journey can be quite complex and stressful.

But do not worry, I will keep everything around you in sight.

"To plant a seed, cultivate the soil first"

This means different from person to person.
For some, it might mean to support your digestive system so that you body can absorb and utilize the nutrients.

For others, supporting the sleep-awake patter so that body can rest and nourish.

Without addressing these "basic" aspects of your soil condition, plantation (hormonal health) might look bit more challenging.


How you will be helped:

Body & Mind

Chinese Medicine (and Acupuncture) it to restore your overall harmonious body function.

This includes sleep, digestion, and stress/emotions.

Remember, you might be on your medications for linings etc. but absorbing the medication and utilizing it well, and the nutrients that build up the lining should come from you!

Goal of TTC care is to help you conceive.
BUT, it will not end here.

Continue your treatment.
If unsuccessful, do not stop.

Give the time to recumbent and care for you and all that you did to conceive.


If you conceived, please continue for AT LEAST first 12 weeks of pregnancy and prevent the loss

With Chinese Medicine ( including Acupuncture)

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