Education Focused Massage Therapy
Currently NOT AVAILABLE until further notice)

Massage Therapy with Akari

Education Focused Massage Therapy addresses pain and discomfort of a soft tissue origin. While patients enjoy the hands-on manual therapy, they will also receive education about their body and various self-care and exercise instructions as a part of their treatment plans.

Many elements of our treatment can be delivered virtually.

Akari provides the following;

  - Pelvic Massage (Mercier Therapy)

  - Prenatal Massage

  - Non-Lactating Breast Massage (including pre/post surgery) 

  - Lactation Massage

  - Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD).

Ask Akari

What is Lactation Massage?

Lactation massage is a form of breast massage, which is specifically designed to help prevent and address breast pain and discomfort related to pregnancy and lactation. This form of breast massage is commonly practiced in Japan and some Asian countries by medical professionals, and well accepted by the medical community.
I have been learning from many lactation massage teachers all over the world to provide care to my patients.

Can Lactation Massage boost my milk supply?

Milk supply comes from the body's harmonious work. While lactation massage could temporarily increase the milk output due to a short-term influence on the lactation physiology, it is NOT a solution for supply challenges, and it is not used for the purpose of boosting supply. However, lactation massage is a great way to maintain lactating breast health by regulating the blood and lymph flow. If you have concerns with milk supply, you are encouraged to talk with a lactation consultant (IBCLC), or you may want to consider Chinese Medicine (and Acupuncture) treatments.

Do you treat mastitis with massage therapy?

No, mastitis cannot be treated with Massage Therapy. Having said this, Lactation Massage can be helpful as a prevention of or recovery from mastitis. For mastitis, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture are great options.

Do you offer Fertility Massage?

No, I do not offer fertility massage as the fertility care is outside the scope of Massage Therapy. However, massage therapy can be used in conjunction with other treatments such as Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture to support the wellbeing of the person going through a challenging time.

Do you treat Chronic Swelling?

Yes, I have completed the full training in Lymphatic work (Vodder School), and am able to assess and provide treatments for Chronic Swelling. Please note, I am currently only accepting patients whose swelling is very mild or stable and who do not require intensive treatments as my set-up is not adequate for intensive treatments that require compression bandaging or frequent in-office treatments.