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Pelvic Health

Pelvic Health with Akari

Pelvic Health is multilayered and it is often unspoken and accompanied by shame.

Yet, many people of all ages and genders are suffering from pelvic conditions not only physically, but also mentally and socially.

Our focused practice provides treatments to address the ROOT(s) of the pelvic concerns and you will be navigated with various tools to restore your health through the door of Pelvic Health.

Almost all of the listed conditions are best treated with Chinese Medicine (which includes Acupuncture) to address the cause(s) of your concerns and to restore your Health.

Massage Therapy can be used as a local and soft tissue therapy. 

Do you find yourself and/or your concern(s) here?

Pelvic Pain/Discomfort

Pain in the Pelvic Floor

Painful Sex

Tailbone Pain

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease


Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Surgery, Scars & Adhesions

Shame, anger, frustration


Urinary & Bowel

Bladder Infection

Intersticial Cystitis

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Night time urination

Frequent Urination

Urinary Leakage

Unable to urinate


Nervous Tummy

Male Pelvis

Prostate issues

Genital warts

Perineum pain


Low Libido


Shame, Guilt

Trauma, Anger

Female Pelvis

Menstrual Pain


PCOS, Uterine Fibroid

Cervical Dysplasia

Yeast Infection

Bacterial Vaginosis

Bartholin Cysts

Heavy Vaginal Discharge



No or Irregular cycle
Short or Long Cycle

Heavy or Scanty Flow

Mid Cycle Bleeding

Menstrual Headaches

Menstrual tongue sores

Heavy Vaginal Discharge


Fertility Prep


Premature Ovulation Failure

Early Pregnancy Loss


Male Factors 

Anger, Resentment

Frustration, Self-Esteem


Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy Loss Prevention

Morning sickness

Pelvic Girdle Pain

Low Back Pain

Sciatica, Leg Cramps

Blood Sugar Issues

Blood Pressure Issues

Breech Babies, Labour Prep


Postpartum Recovery

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Urinary Incontinence

Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Anxiety

Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex

Stress, Fatigue

Difficulty Transitioning


Heavy Flow

Vaginal Dryness

Hot Flashes

Night Sweats

Mood Swings

Libido Challenges

Identity and Sexuality

Please note:

Chinese Medicine (and Acupuncture) and Massage Therapy are separate entities and each of them requires a separate intake and assessment and are billed as such. Thus they cannot be offered in the same appointment.

  • My condition is quite simple. Can you treat me right away?
    Regardless of the severity, I will care for your health. Let's not skip steps. It is important to do an evaluation and set a treatment strategy so that our treatment brings long lasting favourable results.
  • I can tell you how my previous practitioner treated me. Can we skip intake and assessment?
    I do trust and respect other practitioners' diagnosis and treatment approach; however, none of the treatment is identical and your conditions might have changed since your last treatment with your previous practitioner. Furthermore, I might have different suggestions to your care. It is good to have your condition re-evaluated thoroughly to start fresh!
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